[orca-list] Really! bizarre issue with Movie Player in Ubuntu

OK, this is incredibly strange.

Maybe I majorly broke something by doing this, but let me step you through my process. Yall're probly gonna be like, Ow'w'w? you shouldn't a done? that...

1.  I installed Ubuntu Karmic Kola
2.  I connected to my wi fi network.
3.  I installed Voxin and got it working in speech-dispatcher.

4. I edited my /etc/apt/sources.list with GEDit as root, obviously with sudo, and uncommented all repositories that were so.

5.  I ran sudo apt-get update

6.  I ran sudo apt-get upgrade

7.  In firefox, I went to:


8. I went to the listen link, and then to the broadband stream for winAmp or compatible player.

9. Movie player came up, and said I had missing plug ins that it needed to search for and install. I told it to do so, checked all of them, and installed and according to it, was a success.

10.  After this, the stream still would not play.

11.  Mp3's will not play in Movie player either.

12.  I imported an mp3 into Rhythmbox, and it played in there, perfectly!

13.  I used apt and installed mplayer.  Mp3's play fine there, too.

14. I installed VLC through apt. Again, mp3's play fine. The stream, btw, also played fine both in vlc, mplayer, and! Rhythmbox.

15. I ran sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras. Results? Success.

16. Tried again with Movie player to play an mp3, and a stream. Neither worked.

17.  I ran sudo apt-get remove totem.  Success.

18.  I ran sudo apt-get install totem.  Success, however still no mp3 audio.

19.  I ran sudo apt-get purge totem.  Success.

20. Again, I ran sudo apt-get install totem. Success, but no mp3 audio, nor streaming audio.

21.  I ran sudo apt-get install lame.  Success, but no audio.

22. Finally, last but not least: I tried to go to the synaptics manager and locate/install all! GStreamer plug ins. When I did, speech-dispatcher totally, excuse my language: shat the bed until I literally restarted the system. I couldn't even log out with ctrl+alt+backspace. Corse I can't normally do that anyway, so...

I'm totally! perplexed! What the heck did I do! My friend David thinks it's because we need the totum plug ins, but he doesn't know which ones.

I've never had this happen before though. Every time movie player in the past first tried openning an mp3 or a stream, yeah, it said it needed plugins, but it always! worked fine! after searching and installing them.

This might go way over my head for the time being to fix. I dono what I did, but if it involves editting conf files, I'll try, but, it may be easier if someone could Telnet or SSH in which of corse off list, i'll give ya my log in, and IP. and just help see what's gowen on. Either way I am really anxious to hear what you all have to say about this, as it's puzzling me terribly!


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