Re: [orca-list] pidgin 2.6.4 and orca

On Wed, 2 Dec 2009 18:30:40 +1100, Jason White <jason jasonjgw net> wrote:
My understanding is that GTK+ user interface components already support
ATK interfaces, so the only requirement if they use these is to ensure
the application can be completely operated from the keyboard.

It is really hard to write GTK application which is not accessible from
keyboard - in fact I know only one (Pan).
GTK/ATK provides some basic accessibility, but not full.

For example:
If you use multiline editable fields (like source editor) it's not possible
to obtain current line number - you must provide status bar, even if it's
completely not needed for sighted users.

If you have labels, you must manually set relation between label and
labelled widget. It's fairy simple if you build interface manually, but if
you use some interface builders (like Glade) it's rather hardcore.

Also - there is some applications which are fairy accessible from keyboard,
but completely unusable for screenreader users. I tried to play with komodo
editor - my Orca can't read the main edit field. I really don't know how to
create this effect - simple gtk sourceview (used in komodo) is fairy

If you read my previous post (about GTK application) you can imagine what
are applications writer's problems.

I'm sure there is documentation which explains how to write applications
support accessibility and the ATK interfaces.

I haven't see any. The only I found is official ATK documentation for
developers and some examples. But documentation and real world are not the

-- - Pa pa, Ivonko!

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