Re: [orca-list] Strange problem with Orca and simple GTK application...

On Mon, 30 Nov 2009 12:01:18 -0500, Willie Walker <William Walker Sun COM>
Hi Bohdan:

I'm not sure, but this sounds like it could possibly be a caching  
problem and that the appropriate AT-SPI events (e.g.,  
'object:property-change:accessible-name') are not being issued to clean  
the cache.

I'm sure it's caching problem with tab labels, but not with accessible
names in spin buttons.
I tried both ways you show to disable cache in pyatspi with no effect. Also
i tried to completely replace label in tab instead of change only the text
- with no effect...

I'll try to upgrade all my system, but due to some reasons I should not do
it now (it's PLD Linux, and sometimes upgrade ends with unusable system, so
I must be prepared to install all from scratch and I have no tome for it
during the week).

-- - Pa pa, Ivonko!

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