Re: [orca-list] questions about compiling orca

On 19.09.2008 at 15:54:38 José Vilmar Estácio de Souza <vilmar informal com br> wrote:

Hi all,

Actually I'm running intrepid with orca 2.23.92 and I'd like to
upgrade to latest orca from trunk.

I've  the following questions:
1: The instructions that I found at    are sufficient and

I think yes.

2: Do I need install the Latest AT-SPI Infrastructure (atk, gail,
at-spi) as pointed in the page? Actually I've intrepid installed and I
try to upgrade it every day.

I think no. Intrepid comes with the very latest packages of the
accessibility mechanism.

3: Do I need to remove the previous version of orca?

Did it come with Intrepid, or did you install a stable version from the
Gnome server?
In the first case type:
sudo apt-get remove gnome-orca
before you type:
sudo make install
In the second case there's no need for that, however make sure that you
install the latest Orca into the same path you've installed the stable
To get this path type:
whereis orca

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