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On 03.10.2008 at 14:40:50 Halim Sahin <halim sahin t-online de> wrote:

Are you using espeak with gnomespeech?
It seems that espeak wasn't compield with alsa support.
Install alsa-oss and edit /usr/bin/espeak-synthesis-driver.
There you need to add aoss before /usr/bin/espeak-synthesis-drvier.bin

Caution! I think we talk about Intrepid and there is Pulseaudio
installed too. So there should be no need for alsa-oss, but one should
deactivate Pulseaudio in order to use Alsa as standard sound device.

Yes, I'm using intrepid with alsa becouse work's better with speech dispatcher and I've deactivated pulseaudio.

Best regards,

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