Re: [orca-list] Wrong table recognition on NVDA snapshot page

Hi Joanie:
I quit the quoting and make a long story short:
Indeed you are right, but what causes me to assume there must be 4 columns, is the structure of that table and its presentation by Orca. The 3rd column contains two links: The install and the portable version. Orca splits this column in two rows. When moving with the table navigation keys, you cannot get the portable version link, because it is displayed in the second partial row, which, in fact, does not exist really. You only get there by using the links navigation or to go to the next table row and tehn arrow up one line.
And I think this is odd.
I only got it with Jaws but only when using the original layout of the page together with the virtual cursor.
So I think this table should be revisited in order to fix the odd display.

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