Re: [orca-list] OpenSuse 11.1

Dear users,

I tried The latest beta version of Opensuse, and I Am really very very nicely surpriced.

Firstly, there are several radiobuttons on The
WEB site. You can select DVD or CD by activating corresponding radiobutton. After downloading isoimage and after burning it to A CD, press F9 key after You will hear short beep. The internal screen reader will speak and You can even select The language and boot to The Gnome with Orca. Very important!! F9 activation is not only recalling internal screen reader, which will speak some items in The boot menu, but this key stroke will allov us to use Orca.

I noticed, That all administrative tasks are usable with Orca, in The control center, You can change preferences, screen resolution, install applications, change assistive preferences ETC. I do not know, if those tools are administrative tools. I AM also able to use yast and all tools, such as hardware, TV carts and other subsystems.

And everybody of us can select other audiosubsystem than pulse audio, alsa, oss and everythink can work very well for Your needs.
There is sound panel for changing active audio subsystems.

By other words, opensuse latest BETA version can provide access to all parts of operating system with Orca, without need to create orbit file like in Ubuntu, expert partitioning tool is included, but it will be necessary to study documentation to partition Your harddrive correctly.

Attention!! Opensuse is supporting system restore, ammazing in The world of Linux, also system backup is included.

So do not be afraid and try to Opensuse latest BETA version, everythink is working ammazingly. May be, that some administrative tools woould need customiziation of Orca by Orca developers to use it.

I even found out, that users of Opensuse can even use fingerprint reader for user autentication.

So opensuse BETA is prepared for use and Orca is working very, very well. Included Orca version is Orca 2.24.1.

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