Re: [orca-list] problems installing intrepid

michael weaver napsal(a):
i screwed up my system after trying to configure speech-dispatcher so i
wonder if choosing speech-dispatcher from the speech menu in orca
preferences was the wrong thing to do.

It is always a good idea to check whether Speech Dispatcher is set up
correctly before switching to it.  You can use the stand-alone spd-say
utility for this.

i lost speech altogether and couldn't find a way of getting it back with
me having no sighted assistance so i am going to have to re-install the
whole of intrepid.

You can boot some speech enabled live CD, mount your home directory and
rename your .orca directory to get Orca to the initial state.

Even a better option is to have Speakup, Yasr, Emacspeak or Speechd-el
on the console for such situations.

Best regards, Tomas

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