Re: [orca-list] Speech-dispatcher in Ubuntu 8:10

Ignasi Cambra wrote:
But now the only sound
I have in my system is orca. Whenever someone else tries to play a
sound, orca crashes (I don't really know who crashes, but it stops
talking and doesn't respond to anything).
I tried changing the system sounds to alsa, but it didn't work. What
else can I do? I will try to make speech-dispatcher use pulseaudio, see
what happens.

You have two options.  You either use ALSA for ALL your sound or Pulse
Audio.  Using both at the same time will always lead to problems.  I'd
recommend ALSA, since Pulse Audio still introduces additional latency
(this may change in future).

To use ALSA only, you need to:
  * Set Gnome System/Preferences/Sound to ALSA
  * Disable starting Pulse Audio in System/Preferences/Session or
    uninstall it altogether
  * Set Speech Dispatcher to use ALSA in speechd.conf (if you
    have 0.6.7) or in output module config files (for 0.6.6 or earlier).
    This can be done most easilly using the spd-conf utility.

To use Pulse Audio, do the opposite in all three cases.

Best regards, Tomas

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