Re: [orca-list] Punctuation names

On 13 Nov, Steve Holmes <steve holmes88 gmail com> wrote:

Maybe it is just a bit of Yankee in me but I was thinking slash for

The eSpeak US voice does say "slash".

"line" for "underscore"

I don't like that suggestion.

"dash" for "hyphen"

I'll change that unless anyone objects.
 I am used to "()" as being left and right parens,

Does "paren" have the stress on the second syllable?

What is your name for brackets < and > 

Also, is there a way to turn off automatic expansion of achronyms
completely? That has been a problem with so many software synths; they
want to imply a complete word for given achronyms and quite often,
those achronyms are referring to something else or nothing at all.  My
latest experience with this was IE becoming "for example.".

eSpeak doesn't expand "ie" to "for example", so something else must be
doing that.

I think the only expansions are:

ctrl.  Control.
dept.  Department.
eg.    For example.
etc.   Etcetra.
lbs.   Pounds.
ltd.   Limited.
mr.    Mister.
mrs.   Misses.
dr.    Doctor.

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