Re: [orca-list] I have three questions about the OpenSolaris live cd

On 23/12/42 20:59, Aruni Sharma wrote:
Hi will, does opensolaris have all the necessary codecs like mp3 wma
etc for layin music files? it is important for new users to be able to
use the OS without the need for expert knowledge. also I would like to
ask whether orca, music files and skype all can work at the same time
without creating any issues.

I don't know what codecs are included by default, but regarding applcations using sound running together, I feel this is something which opensolaris has correct. I booted the live CD on my laptop (sound card based on the intel i810 chipset) had orca running and played a wave file sound and both the speech and sound came out together. Its just a shame that opensolaris lacks support for a number of sound cards which have been supported in Linux for quite some time now (I don't know about other hardware).

Michael Whapples


On 11/13/08, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com> wrote:
Hi Mike:

I'm certainly hoping the 2008.11 release will come out this month.  I'm
not sure of an exact date, though.

You can get the ISO's from  Since I'm not a lawyer,
I'm not qualified to provide any interpretation of the licensing scheme.
If I personally saw an ISO on a site like, however,
and I was able to download it without clicking through a license
agreement, like you can at, I think I personally
would feel comfortable burning a disc and giving it to my friends and
family.  But, I'm not a lawyer and I am not qualified to interpret
license agreements, so my conjecture of what my personal actions might
be really are not something that should be taken as any form of legal
intepretation or recommendation.

(who has been through the legal ringer and has had any interest in
armchair lawyering and/or discussing software communism sucked out of

On Wed, 2008-11-12 at 16:30 -0600, mike wrote:
Hi, I am going to have to get more memory unless the final release will
work with 512 Mb. When will the final release be out?
   First, is there a add remove programs feature that works with Orca in
   Second, how free is the OpenSolaris operating system compared to Linux?
The reason I ask is I would like to share the operating system with others
who have no way or no time to download it.
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