Re: [orca-list] problems with my banking site in firefox

Hi Mike,
Its best to leave the html as it is, and use sed (a stream editor) to 
change the numbers, that way we are sure that the layout has not been 
try this in a terminal:
sed 's/[0-9]/1/g' personalBank.html >noRealNumbers.html

this will change all numbers to '1', and output to noRealNumbers.html
please open the modified file to varify that the important numbers have 
been replaced, and that the issue still can be reproduced.

It is intresting what weard and wonderful (broken) html markup people 

Hope this helps.

On Wed 05/11/2008 at 07:13:05, michael weaver wrote:
for some reason i was not able to edit my bank account 
information when using openoffice writer to get a page layout to 
do with the firefox bug i am experienceing.
however i think i may be able to explain it better and say that i 
think that the layyout is a four heading table with account 
number, account type, something like account details or account 
holder and account balance and what happens when i scroll the 
page is that orca reads the account name, the account type such 
as an isa, tries to say something like main holder but only reads 
part of the third column in the table and then jumps to the next 
account number so i have to up arrow and then down arrow to 
actually read the account balance.
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