Re: [orca-list] Thunderbird: Cursor keys only means of navigating the mailbox list

Hi Dave,

David E. Price wrote:
If you want to keep single-letter hot-keys, you might consider making
them context-dependent. When focus is in the message list, the
single-letter hot-keys function as they are currently implemented. If
focus is in the mailbox tree, then single-letter hot-keys are disabled
and single-letter (or multiple letter) navigation of the mailbox tree
becomes functional. In fact, you have this partially implemented at the
moment, since the single-letter hot-keys are disabled when focus is in
the quick search text box. While I'm not thrilled with this solution, it
is a possibility.

There is a bug filed on a very similar issue regarding these shortcuts
interfering with screen reader quick navigation keys:

I think that bug can be expanded to cover first letter navigation in the
folder tree as well.

Mind adding your ideas to that bug as a comment?


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