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It seems to me that when there is an error condition, someone should at 
least send a sound event or whatever the terminology is in gnome. Seems like 
many people dont' use these, but they do exist and sound files can be played 
when events occur.

Also seems to me that when a dialog with static text appears, especially if 
it appears due to an error condition, that the static text should be read 
automatically by orca.

Just my one cent.
-- Rich

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Hi James,

Last week I was attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit, and we had
a session on PolicyKit with the author present. Someone in the
session said that it wasn't very clear when you had entered your
password incorrectly, as the dialog just shakes and clears the
input box. The author said this was clear enough.

Heh. Hopefully he's been enlightened by now. :-)

I just read Rich Burridge's blog post on gnome-screensaver-dialog,
and it seems to confirm my suspicions that the policykit-gnome
dialog isn't accessible.

I'm sorry to say that I know very little about accessibility, but I
would like to help change this. I think we should try and convince
the author to change the design first, but I would like some help
putting a proposal of what should happen together first.

As you will have seen from my post, we have a workaround for now, so things
will hopefully be better for Orca in GNOME 2.24. We could probably back-port
this fix for Orca in GNOME 2.22.3.

I suggest involving a good HCI designer in this. I've cc:'ed Calum. If
he's not able to help, hopefully he'll know who will be.

I'm not an HCI person myself, but it seems to me that just leaving the
"Incorrect password" message there, and remove it the moment the user
starts typing again, would really improve things for Orca users. They'd
use flat-review to explore the dialog and know what's there. That should
hopefully be a simple fix.

But with a properly designed dialog, things can be a lot better.

Thanks for your interest in this.

On top of this I would like someones idea of how accessible policykit
using applications are. Some applications (e.g. users-admin) grey out
most of the controls and place an unlock button on the dialog to make
them usable. Is it clear how the user should proceed when using orca?
Is there anything the applications could do to make it better, or is
this something that orca scripts would be written for?



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