Re: [orca-list] Messages not showing up in thunderbird?


My thunderbird is built from source every night, so the auto-update
function does not work.

Using gentoo 2008.0 64-bit with gnome-2.22.1 and orca 3927.


On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 16:14 +0200, Hermann wrote:
"David E. Price" <deprice cs utah edu> writes:
I'm using the latest nightly build (via the automatic update feature 
within Thunderbird). When I start Thunderbird, focus is once again 
starting in the "Quick Search" text box. However, if I Shift-Tab once, 
I'm back in the message list and can read all the messages without a 

I cannot confirm this, I still get stuck in the title bar. Activating
the mail toolbar - that contains the quick search field - doesn't
change anything.

I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy and Orca from svn trunk.

The same here.
I guess that Garrett's problems may be due to the update script. So
what happens when you use the update function in the help menu?

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