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Hi Chris:

Here's some attempt at answering your questions. Although I worked on the NetBIOS/NetBEUI internals a long time ago, those memory cells are dormant. So, the below is about the extent of my knowledge and I warn that your mileage may vary. In other words, I'm not a Windows/Ubuntu support person, and I don't claim to have in depth knowledge of this stuff. The below is what works for me.

Basicly, I have a 300 gig hard disc, external u s b by the way, which is connected currently to my Dell Inspiron laptop running xp home. on this drive, which has the volume label of "Jukebox," there is a folder with about 190 gigs of data. The folder is called ftp.

On Windows:

1) Open the directory containing the folder you want to share.
2) Select/highlight the folder.  Don't open it.  Just select it.
3) File->Sharing and Security...
4) Go to the "Sharing" tab
5) On the "Sharing" tab:
   a) Select "Share this folder on the network"
   b) Give it a name.  Let's use "FOO" as an example.
   c) Select "Allow network users to change my files"
   d) Press the "OK" button

At this point, Windows should be offering the folder up for sharing on the network.

Your mileage may vary depending upon the Ubuntu box, but here's what I end up doing to get to the Windows files:

1) Alt+F1 to go to the panel menu.
2) Arrow right to the "Places" menu.
3) Arrow to the "Network" menu item and select it to open the
   "Network - File Browser" window.  In this window:
   a) Select the "Windows Network" item.  The window contents will
   b) Select the "home" item -- mine also has an "mshome" item, but
      I think that's my Ubuntu box serving files up to my Windows box.
      The window contents will change.
   c) Select your Windows machine (should be in the list).  The window
      contents will change.
   d) "FOO" should show up in the list.

That's about it. If you want to mount the filesystem so you can get to it from a shell, I'm not sure. You might try Google'ing for "Mount Windows Share on Ubuntu".

Hope this helps,


I also have another folder called "backup" with about 80 gigs of data. I want to be able, though connected to this machine, to be able to see, read, and write to those folders from my Ubuntu desktop machine in the other room. This way if I'm out here in the den, I can get to the drive but if I'm in there I can also do the same. Again, this could mean me keeping or losing my job. My boss is basicly giving me to the end of today to either fix this, or to reinstall windows on the desktop and screw Linux. As for why it's important for me to get to the drive from both system and why that effects my job, I really due to company polacy cannot go into that part of it, more so than to say, I have some private propriatary software we're beginning to beta test which requires things to be set this way.

Anyway, your extreme prompt help with this is honorably appreciated.

Best and most warmest sincere regards,


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