[orca-list] Extremely Urgent, and I do mean urgent

My company is requiring me to now be able to access both from Linux ande from my windows laptop each system through file sharing. I've tried everything though. I did do an apt-get for samba, but question now is what next to do. I have read many documentation files online but none of them seem to make any sinse. I can't really be specific what doesn't make sinse as really the whole ordeal doesn't. Unfortunately, remember: I'm coming from windows to Linux so, Linux to me still is almost a whole new language if you will. I know a lotta this I should get, and franklyl I gotta admit, I'm a little scared of getting the rtfm thing with this msg. Believe you me I have read the f***ing manual. It makes no sinse to me. It may as well be in greek. Basicly here is what I'm trying to do precisely. OK, if someone can tell me what do do, step by step, where to go in my pannels, what to type in a gnome-terminal etc. what file to edit, what lines to find in the file and either uncomment or change, just really outline very very detailed, I'd be one happy camper as this is gonna drive me mother flippin nuts!

Basicly, I have a 300 gig hard disc, external u s b by the way, which is connected currently to my Dell Inspiron laptop running xp home. on this drive, which has the volume label of "Jukebox," there is a folder with about 190 gigs of data. The folder is called ftp.

I also have another folder called "backup" with about 80 gigs of data. I want to be able, though connected to this machine, to be able to see, read, and write to those folders from my Ubuntu desktop machine in the other room. This way if I'm out here in the den, I can get to the drive but if I'm in there I can also do the same. Again, this could mean me keeping or losing my job. My boss is basicly giving me to the end of today to either fix this, or to reinstall windows on the desktop and screw Linux. As for why it's important for me to get to the drive from both system and why that effects my job, I really due to company polacy cannot go into that part of it, more so than to say, I have some private propriatary software we're beginning to beta test which requires things to be set this way.

Anyway, your extreme prompt help with this is honorably appreciated.

Best and most warmest sincere regards,


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