Re: [orca-list] Another Suggestion for OpenOffice/Orca Improvement

hi hermann,

On 19/05/2008, Hermann <meinelisten onlinehome de> wrote:
am Mo 19. Mai 2008 um 10:01:58 schrieb Jason White <jason jasonjgw net>:
On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 01:03:03PM +0530, Krishnakant Mane wrote:
the only problem I see is what kind of an interface?  there will be a
big arguement between emacs lovers and vim lovers and nano, not really

And for that reason I suggest an originary OO solution.
Why adopting half a dozen keyboard handling styles, when there can be one,
easy to learn approach?
If, for example, you can set a marker with one keystroke, and then move the
cursor where you want to place it, and then perform teh operation you
want. You can use OO specific functions to navigate. Again I've to refer
to Word, but there's a function called "goto", which allows it, among
others,  to jump
certain lines. So if you want to delete x lines, check where you are, set
your marker goto the line y and press the delete key, that's all. Is it that
not at all.
this is exactly what emacs does.  set the beginning of the area by a
marker and then move to the other end and do the operation.
similarly we can have a "span lines " dialog just put the numbers
number of line from the current location and it is selected.  may be
we can have a combo asking for operation to be done with these set of
selected lines, which can include "select and copy, select and cut,
select and delete ".
so after entering the number of lines just tab to the next widget
which is a combo and select the operation.
this can help for major copy cut paist operations.
happy hacking.
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