Re: [orca-list] Another Suggestion for OpenOffice/Orca Improvement

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 10:16:11PM -0700, Peter Korn wrote:
Hi Janina,

OOo Writer has keyboard functionality for navigation by paragraph: 
Ctrl-Up/Down arrow.  Add shift to select.  For deleting lines, Home 
followed by shift up/down arrow will select lines you can then delete.

Not the same - and in many cases not as fast - as vi.  But in case you 
didn't already know about these...

Separately, I just took a "Hands on Lab" class at the recent JavaOne 
conference, where I learned about writing extensions - 
specifically Java using NetBeans.  One option for folks wanting more 
vi/emacs-style (or WordPerfect style, for that matter) keyboard gestures 
would be to write an OOo Writer extension to encapsulate just that 
functionality.  This should be a far easier task that trying to modify 
the actual OOo codebase itself.  I haven't dug into the details of 
making keyboard gesture modifications (the lab covered adding menu 
items, dialog boxes, file translators/converters, and adding smart 
tags), but it appears that most of the object model is exposed to 
extension writers.
That all sounds very promising. Where can one find more information?



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