Re: [orca-list] Indicating page breaks in Open Office [was suggestions for openoffice/orca improvements]

Hi, Janina,

I was responding to Will's question about how to indicate page breaks within OpenOffice writer, so let's put indicating text attributes into a different thread.

Janina Sajka wrote:
And what would Orca do when page 2 has a header block? For that matter,
what would it do when page 1 has a footer block?

Here's an example based on your sentence:

Orca is a screen reader that works
Orca Status Report                      June 1, 2008
By Staff Evaluator                            Page 2
page 2 well with many gnome applications.

As I said before, I haven't used OO writer before, so I have a few questions. When you are editing a document in OO writer that has headers and footers, are you forced to arrow across them at each page break? if you are typing in such a document and the carat crosses a page boundary, do you hear these blocks created? Given the nature of headers and footers, which are written once and applied across many pages, I am surprised that the carat tracks across them. Is there an editing view, as opposed to a layout view, that you could use except when performing a final review?

To clarify my suggestion for indicating page breaks, the page number in your example would be indicated before speaking the contents of the header block--this is when the focus moves onto the new page. Similarly, when moving upwards, the page number would be indicated before the contents of the footer block were spoken.

I would really not care to hear even the page announcement in REadAll

Fine, we disagree. I guess the question that follows is... If page break notification is included within Orca, are there enough people who would like to turn it off to require the inclusion of a control within the application preferences for enabling and disabling this functionality?


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