Re: [orca-list] suggestions for openoffice/orca improvements

From: "Guy Schlosser" <guyster bex net>
Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2008 7:52 PM
Subject: [orca-list] suggestions for openoffice/orca improvements

yet.  My first suggestion is for a way to tell what line/column
position you are at on a page.  This would be very useful for
determining where page breaks are appearing in a document.

I haven't used OpenOffice writer, but I believe it is a WYSIWYG program. In this case, I believe the feedback should be more specific, telling you in measurement units (inches, centimeters,or millimeters) exactly where you are on the page. As fonts change, row and column numbers won't give the user the specific knowledge needed to properly format the document--there will always be calculations needed to sort out where the current position is on the page. Does OO writer provide this information somewhere already, such as on a status bar?


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