Re: [orca-list] firefoxcontinuously speaking?

Hi John:

This might be similar to what Steve Holmes was seeing. That is, it might be a live region just being plain rude. has a list of keystrokes for live regions. In particular:

Shift+\  Set all live regions on page to politeness of 'off'
Orca+Shift+\ Turn live region support on/off

I'm curious if either of these work for you,


John covici wrote:
Hi.  I have freepbx and there is a part of the page which is system
status and Firefox 3 nightly build, continuously speaks this status
information even when I am in an options dialogue or anyplace while
firefox  is running if that page is current.  Is this an automatic
refresh and is there any way to block such a thing and certainly Orca
should not speak any window which is not the current one -- is this


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