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Very well said. I second the sentiment.


Albert E. Sten-Clanton writes:
Will, this seems as good a time as any to express my appreeciation of the unerringly constructive way you 
respond on this list to problems and criticisms.  The message below is a fine example.  I only hope I'll do 
at least half as well if I'm ever in a position anything like yours on a project.

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Hi Kenny:

Giving presentations and raising awareness is part of the development 
process.  CSUN is typically our one time during the year to do this. 
These few short days also represent a time where the small distributed 
team can get together face-to-face to debug and do additional planning. 
  It's also the one time during the year for us to interact with a large 
population of users and have valuable face-to-face conversations for 
problems specific to them.  Furthermore, it also represents a time to 
interact with other technology developers to lay the grounds for more 
open source work.

There will always be deadlines and dates out of our control, and 
everything this year was kind of a "perfect storm" of such things: GNOME 
2.22, Firefox 3 freezing, OpenOffice 2.4, CSUN, the GNOME Accessibility 
Outreach Program, etc.  They all occurred right around the same time and 
they all demanded attention.

These deadlines where not only complex to handle from the program 
management perspective, but they were also very high stress because 
things outside our control often changed and introduced unexpected 
regressions very late in the game.  When things outside our control 
broke (and they did), we would spend time to create detailed and 
informative bug reports for the offending components.  We would then 
work with the other teams in a professional manner to resolve the issues 
quickly.  We would also take the opportunity to provide patches for the 
other components if we were able to understand their code base.  This 
kind of working pattern helped keep things moving forward in a 
constructive manner.

During this difficult period, our dedicated team worked around the 
clock, and I believe we were very responsive to problems people were 
posting.  Unfortunately, we were not able to address them all.  There 
are more deadlines for GNOME 2.22.x releases -- 2.22.1 on April 7, 
2.22.2 on May 26, and 2.22.3 on June 20.  If you provide details for the 
specific problems you are experiencing, we can move forward in a 
constructive manner to resolve them for future releases.



Kenny Hitt wrote:
Hi.  I'm very disappointed with Orca 2.22.0  I'm trying to read several web pages with Firefox and 
having no luck.
It looks like the only way to get access to Firefox back is to downgrade to Orca 2.20.  It does work 
These aren't complicated pages.  At this point, you can't even read the Gnome user guide with Firefox 
and Orca 2.22.0.
What makes this really bad is it appears Orca developers knew Firefox access was broke, but they 
released it any way and then left for the week.
Showing off new things at a conference is good, but what about your user base?  Like it or not, you now 
have users who depend on Firefox access.


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