Re: [orca-list] speech dispatcher (Re: punctuation not spoken properly when reviewingbycharacter in firefox)


Thanks so much for finding this. You rock. We'll get this in for the GNOME 2.22.1 release on April 9.


On Mar 5, 2008, at 2:40 AM, Tomas Cerha wrote:

Willie Walker wrote:
I know a number of Orca users are working happily with Speech Dispatcher
0.6.6, and I also know a few are working to harden and improve Speech
Dispatcher overall. Kenny, David, Tomas -- if you're reading this, can
you give us a good idea of where things stand right now?

Hello, I think I already said somewhere that I believe this problem is
in the Firefox script, since it seems to speak a character using the
`speak()' command instead of `speakCharacter()' command.  I didn't have
a chance to look at it closer lately, but due to the wide interest I had
a short look into it right now and I think I tracked the problem.  It's
a one-liner fix in Orca trunk src/orca/, line 8114:

       speech.speak(character, self.getACSS(obj, character), False)

should be replaced by:

       speech.speakCharacter(character, self.getACSS(obj, character))

I'll try to fill in a bug report and send the patch later today.

Best regards, Tomas

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