Re: [orca-list] Headingslist, and Linkslist updated, plus navigation menu

Rich Caloggero wrote:

OOPS, I guess I didn't send the link ...

I'd like to hear other's thoughts on a treeview containing the headings. My
personal preference is that it causes me to do too much navigation and
my focus away from actually digesting the content of the headings
themselves. I find that just getting site authors to use headings is a big
enough challenge; to actually expect that the heading levels will follow
some logic is perhaps asking too much. I find that some people will use
heading levels for type size, for instance. Wired does it: if you look at
their homepage, they have category names wrapped in h5, then one or two
headlines under that category wrapped in h1. This makes little semantic
sense, so the only thing I can surmise is that they want the headline to
stand out more than the category name.

The fact is, that headings of level 1 are not shown, neither with title, nor with their level number. I think knowing the level is sometimes useful, especially when I know which level the needed headings have. For example: The feeds of my daily newspaper show the article's headlines on level 3. So I mustn't care about other headings. But besides that the display of the headings and the navigation is not very reliable. I think someone already wrote about it. Furthermore it seems that the extension slows down the performance of Orca in FF.
And a few additional observations:
I've tested your extension under Windows with Jaws and FF 2.x, and it behaves totally different: No hotkey works. The invokation of the links and headings list is much faster than in Linux. So at the current stage of development we cannot think about the replacement of Orca's structural navigation.

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