Re: [orca-list] sysadmin help


Can you try running sudo from within a gnome-terminal and tell us what
the output of the sudo command is?

alt+f2: gnome-terminal
(inside the terminal)
% sudo symaptic
<what happens here>

Also, please know that you can use other tools like aptitude or
apt-get to manage packages.

Hope that helps,


On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 06:27:34PM +0200, Milton wrote:
Hello listers,
I'm new with Ubuntu/linux. The installation was a great success and right now I run Ubuntu 8.04.1 and Orca 
I need your help for getting sysadmin accessibility. I did the following: In /root I create a .orbitrc file 
and with the cat command I 
see the 2 lines
and with the visudo command I add the line
Defaults env_keep+="GTK_MODULES" 
With the chmod command the permission was set to 440
But still no access to e.g. sudo synaptic.
Did I miss something or do something wrong?
Thanks in advance.

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