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Hey All:

Attached is a message from Srinivas Annam, who is an accessibility engineer at Google working on Gmail. He has some specific questions regarding the new Gmail UI, and I applaud him for his outreach to the community.

Please try out Gmail with Orca and FF3 and send your feedback. There might be work to do in Gmail, FF3, and/or Orca to improve the user experience.


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Hi Will,

You might remember me from CSUN. I want to understand the current support of Orca with ARIA enabled web apps. Specifically, I want to understand if any testing has been done with Gmail. Several changes have been done recently to Gmail to improve accessibility (some are enumerated below for your reference)

Try these on FF3 for best results. These changes are already in the public version and anybody can try them out, but you should know that some of the ARIA changes are still experimental.
  1. Status message is navigable via Tab and allows an Enter key press for text entry of new status message. You should also see "Set status here" in accName (both in read-only or while in edit mode).
  2. Status menu (right next to status message in Tab order) is exposed as menu button in MSAA and takes Enter key (currently no arrow key support) to show the status menu. Initial focus will be on the entire menu and takes up, down arrow keys to navigate through menu items. ARIA roles are exposed for the menu as well as for each menu item. Esc on the menu works but currently does not set the focus back to the status menu.
  3. Contact list is now exposed on ARIA list and is part of the tab order. Up, down arrow keys are supported to navigate through the menu. Pressing Enter on any chat takes the default action -- which is to open Chat for available or idle contacts and compose mail for offline contacts. When chat is open focus will be moved to the text entry field in chat. There is lot of ARIA usage here and some may be experimental.
  4. While in the chat entry, pressing Ctrl+Down arrow (this shortcut key is not advertised to public yet) will take you to the first button (Options) in the bottom toolbar. Options is a menu button and supports Enter key to open up Options menu. The menu as well as the menu items have right ARIA roles and use activedescendant to expose the selected menu item.
  5. While the focus is on the Options menu button, pressing TAB will take you to the next button in toolbar which is pop-out, which is a button and accepts Enter key to open up Chat in a tear off window.
Hoping to hear back from you with any comments/questions.

Srinivas Annam
Software Engineer, Accessibility
Google, Inc.
Cell: 408.898.4928
Email: annams google com

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