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I just fired up the add/remove applications dialog in Ubuntu and found something called thunar file manager. This seems to load my home directory much faster but the main problem I have is the up and down arrows will not read the file list but Pressing Orca+/ (laptop layout) twice to read the status line will give you the name, size, and file type of the file you are currently on. All menus appear to be accessible. When you first bring this up I believe you are presented with an icon view which Orca announces as a pannel. If you go into preferences, Edit>Preferences, and set the default view to detaled list view you are presented with a table but you still have the problem where the up and down arrows will not read the item you have selected. Orca+/ (laptop layout) pressed twice will let you know the name, size, and file type of the file you have selected with the arow keys. If you press Control+space to unselect the file the status line will give you the number of items in the directory, the total size of this directory, and amount of disk space free. If we could just read file list information using the arow keys I think this file manager would be very usable.


Steve Holmes wrote:
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I too am very disappointed in Nautilus's performance.  It takes over 3
whole minutes to open my home directory and Windows Explorer can open
up a directory of similar size almost immediately.  I have used mc,
the Midnight Commander from a standard linux console.  it can support
double panes side by side but when I have used that with Speakup, I
did have some issues tracking entries efficiently.  I am curious if
there are other file browsers out there for the Gnome desktop also.

On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 07:48:49PM +0300, Veli-Pekka TÃtilà wrote:
i list,
At the risk of a rant, could anyone recommend a GTK2+ or console based
Linux  equivalent of Xplorer 2 Pro that works with Orca?

Xplorer isa Norton Commander like app for Windows available at:

As you know, the app has to be GTK+ 2 to be accessible. Would appreciate
it  if people could test any alternatives they recommend using orca a
bit:  moving around and seeing if tracking works. Surprisingly many apps
fail  this, Rox Filer and on a side note Gvim, being unusable because of
it  . As for file manager features from Xplorer 2 that would be the most
important  to me, here are some:

First of all, the incremental typeahead searching of files from name or
extenssion, and direct hotkeys to sort by columns like name, size, mod
date  and extension. It is great getting spoken feedback after every key
press of  a type ahead search in a list item  , in fact none of the
Linux shell auto  complete schemes nor the searching that Nautilus use
seem equally efficient  with speech.

In a tab auto complete, you cannot back out a whole dir level with a
single  key and you are not read just the latest appended component on
tabbing,  either. And in Nautilus I need to tab from the search field
back to the list  to hear what the search found, which loses the real
time feedback in  typeahead navigation. I also use bookmarks named with
one or two letters loads in folder  navigation to common paths, in
Xplorer that is.

Secondly, the responsiveness of Xplorer is great. It reacts fast in
folders  I've been before recalling the focused item, and allows me to
go through  lists of items while the list is populated. Contrast this to
Nautilus whose  listing of /usr/bin drives me nuts with its slowness and
I need to modally  wait for the whole thing to be populated, even if I'd
know which subdir I'd  like to go to via typeahead searching, or merely
wish to instantly start to  cursor through  individual items to slowly
gain a big picture of what's out there.

The third thing that comes to mind is file viewing. I use the Sound
Forge  style audio preview on focus lots, as well as on-demand views to
detailed  data such as audio files by length and rate, viewing DLL
descriptions or  comments of downloaded files, on the Win side.  The
column sets of Nautilus,  in its details view, are quite limited
compared to Xplorer, and it doesn't  let me switch sets by demand,
either, or that's what I think.

Fourthly and finally about file operations, I use the file name wildcard
patterns a lot with ctrl+h to avoid a costly linear list walk through
with  speech, have transfers defaulting to robust for the ability to
view transfer  speed and recover from errors, as well as making
occasional use of two file  panes, and multiple tabs in them. No matter
how many views I have, the file  manager should only take a single alt
+tab entry, making the alt+tab list  shorter and more efficient to
navigate. That's also a thing I appreciate in  Xplorer and many other
alt file managers.

I do know there are loads of file managers for Linux. But Nautilus may
be one of the few that's easily accessible  with Orca. Too bad it is not
vfery power user oriented. I Thought the Linux GUIs would uphold
PowerUser and keyboard chunky traditions.

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