Re: [orca-list] Eclipse howto

Hi Will,

ah cool, thanks. I just noticed that Orca is writen with an capital O after creating the page :-) ... And than not was to sure how to move it...

Regards Jann

Willie Walker wrote:
Thanks Jann!  I've moved this under capital "O" Orca:


Jann Schneider wrote:

Hi all,

I've just created

Feel free to edit and enhance it! For it is under progress but i thought this is allready a version which could be published. Some more content will follow soon.

Because this was my first page with this wiki i had some problems createing a correct table of contents with links directly down to the headings. I will have a look at some other pages and fix this soon.

Regards Jann

Rudolf Weeber wrote:
Hi Jann,
On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 02:33:47PM +0200, Jann Schneider wrote:

I've just written a howto describing the basic configuration and use of
eclipse with orca.
Cool, I'm very interested in that!

But as i am not nativly speaking english it would be
nice if someone who does would take a look on it and perhaps correct
some things :-)

So should i create a new page on gnome live or just send it to one of
you and you will post it after looking through
I think it would be easiest to put it on the wiki. Then we can all add
to it as we read/use it.

Thanks a lot!

Regards, Rudolf

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