Re: [orca-list] Orca sometimes freezes without any reason

On Wed, Jul 09, 2008 at 03:58:51PM +0200, Hermann wrote:
Where to search? I think I should send it to the team, but what about a
several MB log file? Don't want to waste other peoples time.

If you shut down Orca shortly after the problem occurs, then the important
debugging details are very likely to be near the end of the log.
The background of my question was to figure out, whether I'm the only
one that experiences this. If so, then perhaps other people know more
precisely what to do. If not, then perhaps someone has some tips for me
what to do next. Creating 10 MB of log file and throw it on other
peoples server: "Hey guys, look at this, but what you should look for,
I've no idea..." That's not what I dare.

I've encountered a similar problem, but only once, when exiting Firefox and
returning to the desktop. I wasn't running a debug log of that session, and
the problem has not recurred. However, in a subsequent debug log, I noticed a
Python backtrace exactly at the point at which Firefox terminated and the
desktop received focus. I have included this in a bug report related to a
separate issue, but I can attempt to reproduce it and report it separately, if

In general, I suggest you obtain a log of your problem, then try to find the
relevant information near the end of the log file. Include this in your bug
report. If the developers need more from the log, I'm sure they'll ask you for

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