Re: [orca-list] [Fwd: Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.2 is available, please write a review]

Hi Will

I woud like to confirm the bugs before I'll send something to Jon:

1. Select Navigation, Headings and move to any header. Header will be
visually highlighted, but if I press KP_Plus screenreader starts from
old position, the focus is not moved to heading.

My tip: press "end" ot "home" - cursor will be moved after selected
heading and you can read the rest of page with KP_Plus.

2. In "menu and navigation bars" both trees has initially no selection.
In my opinion all trees should automatically select it's first element
if none is selected when the tree is focused.

I solve this problem adding small function in tree.onfocus - works
perfectly for me. I try to solve the first problem, but at now my
solution works only when there is no focusable elements (like links)
inside the heading.

I found the partial solution for this problem: if there is no links
inside the heading, the focus should be moved to this heading, otherwise
to first link. Unfortunately - Firefox completely looses focus on nested
focusable elements.

If you think it may be usable I can prepare the patched version of this
extension for testing.


Dnia 25-01-2008, piÄ o godzinie 07:22 -0500, Willie Walker pisze:
Hi Bohdan:

I think Jon is the primary contact point for the Firefox Accessibility 
Extension, so sending comments to him would probably be appropriate.

If you have tips and tricks for how to install/use this from an Orca 
user's perspective, however, it would be great to share them on this 
list.  I think many people would be interested.



On Jan 25, 2008, at 2:21 AM, Bohdan R. Rau wrote:

Dnia 24-01-2008, czw o godzinie 15:47 -0500, Willie Walker pisze:

For FF3 users, the link is

When installed, this adds an "Accessibility" menu to the Firefox menu
bar, allowing you to get to some pretty good meta information and 
of {headers, forms, links, etc.}.

I think this is interesting work and encourage people to try it out 
send feedback to Jon.

I use this extension since 0.99 version, it's really very usable
especially for low-vision users.

Should I send the bugs (and solutions) also to Jon? The bugtrack seams
to be dead :(

I am familiar with XUL and JavaScript, so may be I could help.


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