Re: [orca-list] Upgrading gnome/orca - 2.22 - Success

Hey Rich. Glad to hear that you had a positive experience with Orca. Many of the navigation functions, including headings navigation, should be improved real soon. Please monitor this bug report


ps. Sorry for the repeated message Rich

Rich Caloggero wrote:
I now have orca-2.23 pre on my system. I ran Firefox and updated, then visited:

It works way way way better than any anything I've previewously tried! Excellent job everyone!!

Scanning forwards/backwards for headings (especially when using the level numbers) is slow and a bit flakey, but after playing for over half hour, I received no crashes and no hangs. Oh, and the read-all command works to -- woohoo!!!

-- Rich

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Hi Rich:

You might need to do:

sudo apt-get install gtk-doc-tools


PS - I've been developing primarily on Solaris Express Community Edition these days, so I'm hoping someone with more recent Ubuntu experience can chime in and help here.

Rich Caloggero wrote:
I'm trying to upgrade atk. I've gotten the sources from svn, but when I
try and do, it tells me that I need gtk-doc version 1.0.
Ubuntu doesn't know about this, so I got the sources and built and
installed with make install.
Going back to the atk sources and rerunning produces the
exact same complaint -- it still thinks I need gtk-doc.
Why wasn't this fetched when I did apt-get build-dep atk?
Why is it still complaining after I built and installed by hand?
Thanx much in advance.
-- Rich


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