Re: [orca-list] Upgrading gnome/orca - 2.22

Hi Rich:

You might need to do:

sudo apt-get install gtk-doc-tools


PS - I've been developing primarily on Solaris Express Community Edition these days, so I'm hoping someone with more recent Ubuntu experience can chime in and help here.

Rich Caloggero wrote:
I'm trying to upgrade atk. I've gotten the sources from svn, but when I
try and do, it tells me that I need gtk-doc version 1.0.
Ubuntu doesn't know about this, so I got the sources and built and
installed with make install.
Going back to the atk sources and rerunning produces the
exact same complaint -- it still thinks I need gtk-doc.
Why wasn't this fetched when I did apt-get build-dep atk?
Why is it still complaining after I built and installed by hand?
Thanx much in advance.
-- Rich


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