Re: [orca-list] Firefox ideas in future

Hi Atilla, 

orcakey+tab will jump between form elements, i.e. between 
edit fields, combo boxes, radio buttons etc.

This way we are not having too many short cut keys either.

You can use h and shift+h to jump between headings, 1, shift+1 to jump 
explicitly between headings at level one. 2--6 will do the same.

if i remember correctly You can install the firefox accessibility tool 
to get a "list" of these things.

On Wed 20/02/2008 at 18:56:43, Hammer Attila wrote:
Dear list!

I have got few ideas with firefox3 script with the future time if possible.
1. If the gecko or orca navigation is not a form field, these steps 
making easyest the navigation with form fields:
letter e: jump the next edit box.
shifte: jump the prewious edit box.
letter c: jump the next combo box, list box or treewiev.
Shift+c: jump the prewious combo box, list box or treewiev.
Letter x: jump the next check box.
Shift+x: jump the prewious checkbox.
Letter b: Jump the next button.
Shift+b: jump the prewious button.
Letter r: jump the next radio button.
Shift+r: jump the prewious radio button.

2. Possible doing in future the list of links, headers, and form fields?

If doed already some functions, excuse me.
These navigation ideas fastest the homepage navigations with firefox 3 
using with orca screen reader.

Possible doing this ideas?

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