Re: [orca-list] Question about Speech-dispatcher

Hello Hermann,
I will give this a try. What will this command do? I know what chown is.
I installed speech-dispatcher as root. Why should I have a specific user for that? I can use it with Orca and 
a normal user.
Going to subscribe to the SD mailing list as well.
Many thanks,

On 2008-02-20 at 17:53 Hermann wrote:

am Mi 20. Feb 2008 um 16:55:33 schrieb Tomas Cerha <cerha brailcom org>:
I am using it with Orca and TTSynth and everything is working fine
except that I get output messages in the console wich i dont want each
time TTSynth reads something. Also, how do I start Speech-dispatcher at
system start?
I don't understand your TTSynth problem.  Could you elaborate more?  It
would be more appropriate to solve this on the SD mailing list

I think that Christian has the same problem that I had: It has nothing to
do with TTSynt, but the logging goes to stdout.
Christian try the following:
cd /var/log
chown -R speech-dispatcher:root speech-dispatcher
Then restart SD. Does this help?
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