Re: [orca-list] Question about Speech-dispatcher

Christian wrote:
Hi all,
I have successfully installed the latest version of Speech-dispatcher onto my Debian Lenny system.
I am using it with Orca and TTSynth and everything is working fine except that I get output messages in the 
console wich i dont want each time TTSynth reads something. Also, how do I start Speech-dispatcher at 
system start?
I installed it from source. Also, the config file is located int /usr/local/etc and it is working. I have 
seen references to have it in /etc. Does that really matter?

Hello Christian,

SD 0.6.6 is in Sid.  Lenny has 0.6.5, but I believe 0.6.6 should get
there soon.  You may try asking at speechd lists freebsoft org for more

Anyway, if you install 0.6.5 from Lenny, you get the init script which
starts SD at boot.  Since you have 0.6.6 in /usr/local, I believe it
should work well with the init script from the package (0.6.6 will get
launched instead of 0.6.5).

The package will also create the speech-dispatcher user, so I'd
recommend configuring SD to run under that user (in
/usr/local/etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf).  The location of the
configuration file is ok for the compiled version.  /etc is used by the
packaged version.

I don't understand your TTSynth problem.  Could you elaborate more?  It
would be more appropriate to solve this on the SD mailing list

Best regards


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