Re: [orca-list] Some speech-dispatcher questions

am Mi 20. Feb 2008 um 15:35:04 schrieb Tomas Cerha <cerha brailcom org>:
Is there a way to install SD 0.6.6 in Gutsy anyway?

Hello Herman, you will have to ask Luke Yelawich, but as far as I
remember, he said he would like to backport SD 0.6.6 for Gutsy.  Other
option is to compile from source...
I compiled it from the sources, but I had to do some manual work:
It didn't add a user "Speech-dispatcher", and it didn't create the log 
and pid files/directories with the appropriate rights; had to do this 
manually - much work!
Orca talks, but one question remains: Does the compiler replace 
python-speechd by the latest version? How can I chekc this out? 
Uninstalled speech-dispatcher before making the installation, but not 
the python-speechd and the libspeechd2. The latter seems to be replaced 
correctly, version 2.0.5; is that correct?

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