Re: [orca-list] auto-starting speech-dispatcher 0.6.6

On Sun, 17 Feb 2008, Guy Schlosser wrote:

Hi all, I recently installed speech-dispatcher 0.6.6 on my box
running ubuntu gutsy.  For some reason, I can get it running
beautifully with orca and IBMTTS if I enter sudo speech-dispatcher
from a terminal.  How do I get this to run so it will start up
automatic with the computer?  Should I set
/etc/init.d/speech-dispatcher to run as root, instead of running as
speech-dispatcher?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps edit your distro's startup file.
Debian:  /etc/init.d/rcS

Or just edit .bashrc and it should work when you log in.

Just add the line

I don't think it needs sudo.
The bashrc file may need it though.

Daniel Dalton
d dalton iinet net au

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