Re: [orca-list] I think my installed Ubuntu and Orca is just plain unstable...

On Sun, 17 Feb 2008, Hermann wrote:

am So 17. Feb 2008 um 10:08:01 schrieb Daniel Dalton <d dalton iinet net au>:
The problem is Gnome-Speech. It does not work with Alsa. All the players

What? If you use the default espeak voice with orca (espeak-gnome-driver)
you can use alsa.

Why not follow:

OK, haven't tested it, but what about Linux beginners? But there's still
the alternative with Speech-dispatcher.

Its not that complicated, but yes.
How do I setup orca  with speech-dispatcher out of curiosity?

For work, I cannot do on a text console, I use sometimes Ubuntu, but
mostly Windows. And I guess this situation will last for a while :-(

Totally disagree!
I haven't used windows for ages. You don't really need it with a
combination of both gui and cli.

What about OCR? I don't know whether you need that, but I do, and there's
no alternative to Windows.

No i don't need that. But I am sure there is something around on sourceforge or something.
I will have a look anyway and hopefully I can find a text-based one...

But why can't they run under wine is my question.
Orca doesn't need to speak.

Tested Wine only briefly, seems complicated; so why use Wine, when you
have to use Windows sometimes?

Well because in my case I don't have a windows box to use.
And it would be nice if they ran on linux.
Even though I don't play audio games...

Daniel Dalton
d dalton iinet net au

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