Re: [orca-list] I think my installed Ubuntu and Orca is just plain unstable...

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008, Hermann wrote:

am Fr 15. Feb 2008 um 09:53:00 schrieb Daniel Dalton <d dalton iinet net au>:
Well haven't had much luck with trying to play a simple mp3 file. I'm
now on my 2ND player, Exhail. This does work some what except orca
craps out when the program runs or it won't play and Orca keeps on

If possible kill orca and then play your files.
If they work; go to the orca FAQ and read up on how to enable orca to use
(I think alsa instructions are there.)
And hopefully that is the problem.

The problem is Gnome-Speech. It does not work with Alsa. All the players

What? If you use the default espeak voice with orca (espeak-gnome-driver) you can use alsa.

Why not follow:

(Totem, Rhythmbox etc.) use Alsa.

Yeah ok, thought they did just wanted to be completely sure.
After following these instructions I can use alsa so listen to music while orca speaks.

Furthermore I can confirm the difficaulties in using the features in
Rhythmbox - I think Bob wrote about it.
So my conclusion is to use a text based Linux, because it is miles ahead
concerning stability, usability etc.

That is true, however, I prefer to browse the net with firefox.
Some things need a gui. So I think a combination of both is best. Although gnome is becoming more and more accessible.
Like you can do:
spread sheats, document reading/writing, email, web browsing, gnome-terminal, music, video and lots more with orca.

Stuff like torrents system-admin and podcasting I do in a console with brltty and speakup. Oh and for now I am doing email with speakup and brltty but soon I will probably try thunderbird.
And I program in a console.

For work, I cannot do on a text console, I use sometimes Ubuntu, but
mostly Windows. And I guess this situation will last for a while :-(

Totally disagree!
I haven't used windows for ages. You don't really need it with a combination of both gui and cli.

Maybe audio-editing may need to be done on windows but I will look into this on linux. I don't really do this anyway to be honest.
And audio games. Well yeah ok.
But why can't they run under wine is my question.
Orca doesn't need to speak.

Daniel Dalton
d dalton iinet net au

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