Re: [orca-list] Live regions and XUL?

I'm not meaning to speak for Milan, but my interpretation of the problem
is that we need a way for users to define ARIA type handling where web
authors have not done so.

A case in point:

This site breaks a11y with its js script that continuously updates its
estimate of when we will run out of IPv4 resources. In fact, it drives
up the load and will eventually crash the machine if FF isn't stopped.

Quick and dirty workaround: Add the following two lines to your
/etc/hosts ...
::1    entne      entne

Why does this workaround fix the problem on Tunnel Broker? Because the
js script that runs that rapidly auto-yupdating "Live Region" is sourced
from Thus, defining the address of as localhost via
the most ancient of Internet mechanisms effectively blocks that script
from being sourced. Assuming none of us has reason otherwise to
communicate with, it's a workable work-around, but it's not a

As things stand, the end user of has no other
solution--except perhaps a Firefox plugin filter for that address--same
workaround strategy. We can write to Tunnel Broker and ask them to add
ARIA ml, and perhaps we should, but this will not solve all such
emerging issues. I could supply other examples, but the bottom line is
unchanged. Perhaps it's not an Orca issue, perhaps its a FF issue. But
we need mechanisms for users to define live-regions and set their
preferred politeness levels, etc., etc re ARIA.


Willie Walker writes:
Hi Milan:

I'm not sure, though I suspect the answer is "no".  :-(  Instead of
using XUL, have you considered using an ARIA-based toolkit such as Dojo?


On Tue, 2008-08-19 at 19:51 +0200, Milan Zamazal wrote:
Is there some equivalent of live regions (recognizable by Orca) in XUL?
I.e. a way to mark parts of a XUL user interface which would be
recognized by Orca as potentially changing?


Milan Zamazal
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