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Hello Herman,
Thank you so much for your help.
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Hello Herman,

Thanks for these tips. Right now I am trying to work with Evolution. I 
to try RSS in FF. Is there a how to for doing this?

I don't know such a howto, but it's really easy to do this.
Simply open your favorite RSS feeds, and if FF asks you, whether you
want to create a dynamic bookmark, answer "no" or "cancel". You should
see the page's content.
You can create such dynamic bookmarks, and you will find them in a
subfolder in your bookmarks menu. The disadvantage is, that you only see
the main headlines of the episodes, while you can read all the contents
of the page, when you refuse to create dynamic bookmark.
You can set up FF's behavior in preferences/applications. Choose the
item "feeds" and then "ask me what to do".

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