Re: [orca-list] Pulseaudio and speech-dispatcher/gnome-speech in Ubuntu.

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On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 11:12:31PM EST, Hermann wrote:
am Mi 16. Apr 2008 um 14:36:39 schrieb Luke Yelavich <themuso ubuntu com>:
The way I see things currently, given that my upload is allowed, is  
this. The system is installed with gnome-speech. The user wishes to  
switch to speech-dispatcher, so they install it. 
Wishes to switch? You seem to be speaking from the point of view of  
Orca, but what about BrlTTY, Speakup, speechd-el, Yasr? They can't work  
with gnome-speech.

No of course they can't, but I am thinking of what is most commonly used. I haven't heard of users using 
yasr/speechd-el on Ubuntu, and if there are, and they think things could have been done better, it would 
have been nice to hear from them to set things right. Same with speakup, and for people who may have 
rebuilt BrlTTY.
Besides Ubuntu, that runs on my laptop, I use GRML on my desktop machine. 
GRML brltty also comes without SD support. But It can be easily set up, by 
building the latest brltty from the source, and you've no difficaulties 
linking it to SD. So why not in Ubuntu?

As I've explained in another email, it is due to the way the Ubuntu archive is set up, and this is out of my 
control. Allow me to explain in more detail.

Ubuntu has two main parts to the package archive. Main/restricted, is software that Canonical supports for 
important bugs, and security updates. This part of the archive also contains all the packages that get put 
onto the Ubuntu disks, including BrlTTY. Packages that are in main can not be built against packages in the 
universe/multiverse part of the archive. Universe/multiverse are packages that are still available to users, 
but Canonical doesn't want to put them on the disks, and doesn't want to support. These packages are 
community supported, and whether they receive important bug updates/security fixes is up to community Ubuntu 
developers. Packages in universe/multiverse can be built against packages in main.

Until speech-dispatcher is in main, BrlTTY cannot have speech-dispatcher support enabled.

One of the most important 
differences to propriatary operating systems is, that Linux leaves it up 
to the user how he/she sets up the system. So why asking for permission 
whether we are allowed to set up Ubuntu for our needs?

Because, Ubuntu is a week away from releasing the next version to the general public. In the last couple of 
weeks before any major release, every change that is made has to be scrutinised, and checked, and double 
checked carefully to make sure it doesn't break anything. Configuration changes are fine, as long as they are 

A lot of users use the text console besides the GUI - or they use it 

This I am well aware.

And BTW: It was not the user's decission to take away speakup.

I never said it was. Speakup was removed from Ubuntu Gutsy early in the development cycle, because the code 
did not patch into, and work with the gutsy kernel. As you may be aware, speakup has only been recently 
worked on enough to be in a state that is usable. Since things are on the right track, you may be interested 
in knowing that I plan to make a speakup kernel available for users at some point, and hope to get it 
available in the repositories for intrepid, which is the next Ubuntu release.

p.S.: I keep on asking my questions and make my comments, and I give a ... 
whether a particular person appriciates it or not. So mind your own damned 

Would you mind elaborating? I am not quite sure what exactly you are referring to here.

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