Re: [orca-list] Punctuation, capital letters, exchange of characters and strings, generally error in the design of Orca

Am Sonntag, den 13.04.2008, 10:19 +0200 schrieb Halim Sahin:

So, if you're using it with speech-dispatcher, then you're using it with 
gnome-speech.  As Hermann writes, the Ubuntu folks seem to have integrated 
it into Hardy.  If that's the case (it seems to be), you should be getting 
PulseAudio support for everything.  As a result, the issues with 
gnome-speech talking to speech engines that use OSS or ALSA should be 
handled by PulseAudio.

"Have you tried this with gnome-speech???????
I am not using hardy but I installed and configured pulseaudio for
gnome-speech with padsp.
It is not usable because it is (((slow))).
It takes some time to stop speech-synthesis.
I have changed some nice level realtime scheduling etc it didn't help
It can't be an alternative for speechd with direct alsa support."

You should try it with Hardy; just download a live CD. I don't know how the Ubuntu team has configured it, 
but it is usable, no sluggishness.
However: If it would be possible to solve the issue with libportaudio in
Espeak, there would be no need for Pulseaudio, since it is a large

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