Re: [orca-list] Punctuation, capital letters, exchange of characters and strings, generally error in the design of Orca

"WW" == Willie Walker <William Walker sun com
<mailto:William Walker sun com>> writes:

    >> OK, but our main goal is to have very good Free Software TTS. How
    >> much Free Software TTS exist?

    WW> Our main goal is to provide a compelling user experience. This
    WW> includes Free Software TTS, but is not limited to it. We need to
    WW> allow users to use proprietary engines that might be more
    WW> preferable to them, and we need to address/accommodate the
    WW> shortcomings of all engines in order to provide a fuller suite
    WW> of features that users expect.

You wrote, that there is as many TTS as people in China. Doesn't it
mean, that Gnome Speech has that amount of drivers? You must solve
punctuation etc. anyway and you try to do it at one place. We can agree
on that, we can't agree however on where should that place be. The place
can't be Orca nor Gnome Speech, as was written in my and Mr. Zamazal's
previous emails.

With regards to Free Software or proprietary TTS. It is obvious that our
main goal is to help the handicapped user, so if there is no other
solution, we have nothing against the existence of support for such
proprietary TTS in the form of drivers. Please note that there is
several such drivers in Speech Dispatcher (IBM TTS, Dectalk and newly
Ivona). Other thing is, who should pay for making these proprietary TTS
accessible. I'm convinced that it should be the manufacturers of these
TTS. It is first necessary to deal with them and only if they keep
refusing, to search for different own sources.

    WW> In any case, I think I need clarification on what Brailcom is
    WW> proposing. From the Orca perspective, which API of what
    WW> implementation of what thing are you proposing Orca uses and
    WW> what state of completeness is it in (and please provide a
    WW> pointer to the API)?

SSIP (, more precisely,
one of its wrappers
as a high-level speech API.

Currently, this is implemented in the current version of Speech Dispatcher
and in the future, we plan to support an extended version of it in the
new python implementation of Dispatcher which will be based on TTS API

    WW> From there, we can look at the API and see how well it matches
    WW> the requirements and try to develop a way to move forward in a
    WW> constructive way.




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