[orca-list] Boot Loader for WinXP destroyed

I was trying to get a VMWare virtual machine to run Ubuntu, under windows
using a spare partition on my C drive. Well, the install finished I think,
but computer went into hybernation before I could return.

 Now it won't boot. Long story short - it used to be a multi-boot with
windows and Ubuntu, but that got messed up somehow when I tried updating so
I wanted to try the VMWare route.

Question: I want to reinstall the Windows XP boot loader so it'll just come
up in windows. Failing that,  grub, or anything which will allow me to boot

Problem is, I have no CDRom drive on that machine. I do believe a USB key
with Linux on it can be created from another machine. If I do get Linux up
from the USB key, what do I type to get the right boot block on my C drive.
I'm even thinking of buying a cheap USB CDRom drive. If I can get it to boot
the LiveCD with orca, then what is the magic I need to type in order to
restore my windows boot block, or any boot loader that will allow me to boot
from my existing windows partition?

Thanx in advance.
-- Rich

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Subject: [orca-list] Ubuntu installation on second hard drive

Hi folks,

Well, I actually got my hands on a second hard drive, an 80 GB Western
Digital. I got the Ubuntu install to talk just fine with orca. I got all
way to the end of the install, then...chickened out. The snag is, should I
let Ubuntu install the boot loader on my main drive, my C drive which has
XP installation on it? Or, should it be installed on the second hard
Also, I am not sure what to enter if it is to be installed on the second
drive? The default says HD0, my C drive, so would this make my second hard
drive HD1?



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