Re: [orca-list] Ubuntu installation on second hard drive

and if you wish to keep a copy of the old boot sector of the first hard 
drive type the following in a terminal window.
dd if=/dev/hda of=/path/to/image count=1 bs=512

the 'if' flag is input file, 
'of' is the output file

you can keep this on a usb key, or another partition.
Then to copy it back across to the first hard drive:
(WARNING: you wont be able to boot linux because its on the second 
hard-drive and there wont be bootloader pointing to the second hdd)
dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/hda

Please note that all partitions on that hard drive should be unmounted 
before performing the dd operation.

Hope this helps


On Fri 21/09/2007 at 04:22:29, Kenny Hitt wrote:

If you install the boot loader to the second drive, you won't be able to boot your new install.

Unlike Windows, Linux doesn't destroy other operating systems.  Just let the installer do it's job and you 
will still be able to boot Windows.

There will be entries for your new Linux install as well as an entry to boot into windows after the install 
is done.


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