Re: [orca-list] keys in conflict with XUL application keys

"JD" == Joanmarie Diggs <joanmarie diggs gmail com> writes:

    JD> I just tried it without Orca running (i.e. just with FF caret
    JD> browsing enabled) and I couldn't arrow among the description
    JD> text.  

You are right.  So it's a Firefox bug, right?

    JD> On the Orca side of things, we can see about at least getting
    JD> flat review to provide access to that text.  

If the Firefox bug can't be fixed easily, it would be useful to handle
it in Orca some way.  Although this is not a real solution, of course.

    JD> If you really want your application to be arrow-around-able,
    JD> perhaps instead of a description you might want to use a textbox
    JD> instead?  I found a hack here:

Thanks for the tip, it may be the last resort if nothing better is

Thank you for help!


Milan Zamazal

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