Re: [orca-list] keys in conflict with XUL application keys

"DMFJ" == Dorado Martínez, Francisco Javier <FDMA once es> writes:

    DMFJ> try disabling Orca structural navigation keys by pressing orca
    DMFJ> + z

Thanks for advice, it works better, but not perfectly: Application arrow
keys still don't work and the user has to perform the switching himself.

"JD" == Joanmarie Diggs <joanmarie diggs gmail com> writes:

    JD> I vote for doing it in Orca.  :-) 

Great, me too :-).

    JD> I opened a bug and posted a patch here:

Thanks for the patch!  It seems to work well with one exception: It
reads only the first displayed line of the <description> element
contents.  I can move the caret over the first line, but I can't move it
to the following lines, so the text is inaccessible.  You can try it


Milan Zamazal

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