Re: [orca-list] keys in conflict with XUL application keys

Hi Milan.

Thanks for trying the patch! What that patch does is simply remove the conflict with the XUL application keys. In other words, with that patch, you should be able to use Firefox's built-in caret navigation to move around the content, and Orca should speak and braille your location.

contents.  I can move the caret over the first line, but I can't move it
to the following lines, so the text is inaccessible.  You can try it

I just tried it without Orca running (i.e. just with FF caret browsing enabled) and I couldn't arrow among the description text. Can you?

It seems that XUL descriptions are labels, and labels are static text that is not intended to be arrowed around in. That's not an Orca thing; it's a Firefox/XUL thing. Still, we've got inaccessible text, so what do we do?

On the Orca side of things, we can see about at least getting flat review to provide access to that text. That's not the same as moving the caret within it though. Since we had to implement our own caret navigation in Orca to deal with other element issues, there's a chance that I might be able to apply what is in place <strike>hack</strike> convince Orca to navigate within descriptions as well. However, I'm afraid I might not get to that immediately.

If you really want your application to be arrow-around-able, perhaps instead of a description you might want to use a textbox instead? I found a hack here:

Take care.

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